Friday, 4 September 2015

Top 50 PPC Objective type Questions and Answers

1) True or False. An advertiser is selling ballet slippers. If he does not want his ad to appear when 'wedding ballet slippers' is queried, he should apply the negative-match keyword 'wedding.'
  A. True
  B. False
Ans: A

2) The most effective AdWords ad headlines ______.
  A. include the company name or website domain name
  B. do not contain the most important keywords
  C. are written in all capital letters
  D. directly relate to the keywords being searched
Ans:  D
3) What is the CTR for a keyword that has 25 clicks and 100 impressions?
  A. Whatever it is, it's not good.
  B. 25%
  C. 2.5%
  D. 250%
Ans: B

4) When editing an Ad Group's properties you CAN NOT do the following:
  A. Pause the Ad Group so ads stop showing.
  B. Set a default bid that every keyword in the Ad Group will inherit by default.
  C. Increase your Daily Budget.
  D. Change the name of an Ad Group that already exists.
Ans: C

5) To indicate a keyword as an exact match, which of the following should be used?
  A. None
  B. Brackets [ ]
  C. Quotations" "
  D. Parenthesis ( )
Ans:  B
6) Single-word or general keywords are ______.
  A. excellent for your return on investment
  B. too broad and can lead to clicks from people who don’t know what you’re offering
  C. useful in generating highly targeted traffic for your site
  D. good for preventing irrelevant traffic
Ans: B

7) Let's say that you have a new product that needs to be advertised in a specific location. What action should you take?
  A. Create a new account
  B. Set an additional location target in an existing campaign
  C. Create a new campaign
  D. Create a new ad group in an existing campaign
Ans: C

8) Which punctuation should you apply when using the broad-matched keyword matching option?
  A. None
  B. Brackets [ ]
  C. Quotations" "
  D. Parenthesis ( )
Ans:  A
9) Which of the following IS NOT a factor used to determine Quality Score?
  A. Your account history, which is measured by the CTR of all the ads and keywords in your account.
  B. The historical CTR of the display URLs in the ad group.
  C. The number of keywords on your landing pages.
  D. The relevance of the keyword and the matched ad to the search query.
  E. The relevance of the keyword to the ads in its ad group.
Ans: C

10) An AdWords Standard Edition account can house up to ______ campaigns and ______ ad groups per campaign.
  A. 1,1
  B. 10,25
  C. 25,100
  D. Unlimited, Unlimited
Ans: C

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