Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Top 40 Telecom Project Manager Objective type Questions and Answers

1. Which of the following is a function of a workflow engine?
a. to provide network repair information for field service technicians
b. to prompt customer-care representatives to sell specific service packages
c. to facilitate communication and task sequencing among various OSSs
d. to draw graphical network maps for capacity planning
Ans: c

2. Speech Servers support N+1 Redundancy by networking hosts together. During a failover scenario, which component in the secondary Speech Server takes over and manages Speech Server resources?
Ans: D

3. Which of the following is not a protocol used for communicating with network elements?
c. TL1
d. TMN
Ans: d

4. All network elements are equipped with built-in intelligence that will reroute network traffic around trouble spots.
a. true
b. false
Ans: b

5. Legacy systems are ________.
a. systems created from parts of other systems
b. any RBOC OSS
c. older, stand-alone mainframe systems common to ILECs
d. systems used to interconnect LEC OSSs
Ans: c

6. OSS interconnection is mandated and a critical factor in determining ILEC entry into long-distance markets.
a. true
b. false
Ans: a

7. Interconnection gateways often perform error-checking functions to help speed the ordering process.
a. true
b. false
Ans: a

8. Which of the following is not an inhibitor to DSL deployment?
a. DSLAMs cannot be housed with circuit switches.
b. Some lines carry load coils and filters that can negate DSLs.
c. LEC line records are often inaccurate.
d. Services riding adjacent lines can interfere with DSLs.
Ans: a

9. IP guarantees time and delivery sequence for all packets on a network.
a. true
b. false
Ans: b

10. When configuring for N+1 redundancy, where must the Speech Server resources be located?
A. the primary vpshosts file
B. the secondary vpshosts file
C. the existing Speech Server group
D. the primary node's Pool Manager (PMGR)
Ans: A

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