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Most Recently Asked V - SAT Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

41.    The VSAT outdoor unit consists of
a.       Standard 1.8 meter offset feed antenna
b.      Solid-state amplifier(SSPA)
c.       Low Noise Amplifier(LNA)
d.      Feed horn
e.       All of these
Ans: e

42.          The indoor unit functions as a
a.       Amplifier
b.      Modem
c.       PCs
d.      None of these
Ans: b

43.   The disadvantage of DQDB is to have
a.       Fluctuating data rate
b.      High bandwidth
c.       High susceptibility to error
d.      Fixed bandwidth distribution
Ans: a

44.          The frame format of DQDB are
a.       Header
b.      ST(Segment Type)
c.       MID(Message Identifier)
d.      Information
e.       LEN(Data Length)
f.        CRC(Cyclic Redundancy Check)
g.       All of these
Ans: g

45.          GPS stands for
a.       Global Partition System
b.      General Partition System
c.       Global Positioning System
d.      General Positioning System
Ans: c

46.          Which satellite communication involve a satellite relay station that is launched into a geostationary, geosynchronous, or geostatic orbit
a.       Temporary
b.      Contemporary
c.       Permanent
d.      None of these
Ans: b

47.          The contemporary satellite communication launched into a
a.       Geostationary orbit
b.      Geosynchronous orbit
c.       Geostatic orbit
d.      All of these
Ans: d

48.          The contemporary satellite communication are called
a.       Geostationary satellite
b.      Geostatic satellite
c.       Geosynchronous satellite
d.      All of these
Ans: a

49.          In case of satellite communication two different frequencies are used as carrier frequency to avoid interference b/w incoming and outgoing signals are
a.       Uplink frequency
b.      Downlink frequency
c.       Both a & b
d.      None of these
Ans: c

50.          Which frequency is used to transmit signal from the earth station to satellite
a.       Uplink frequency
b.      Downlink frequency
c.       Broadcast
d.      None of these
Ans: a

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