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Top 30 SAP PLM Objective type Questions and Answers

1. What is short form of Finish Start?
a. AS
b. LS
c. FF
d. FS
Ans: d
2.What is short form of Earliest Finis ?
a. AF
b. EF
c. ES
d. TF
Ans: b
3.Which one is involved in Overall Network Scheduling Transaction with selection options?
a. REL
b. CN24N
c. TF
d. PDC
Ans: b
4.Object representing events that are particularly important for the progress of the project or are of special interest. You can assign milestones to individual activities or WBS elements by using ________
a. Milestones
b. SS
c. Reduction
d. LS
5. Controls how actual dates from partial confirmations affect further scheduling runs in PLM ?
a. Project Definition
b. Shift Order Indicator
c. Sales Order
d. What is an activity?
Ans: b

6.A model of the project that shows the project activities to be fulfilled in the hierarchical form. It divides the project into clearly-structured sections means?
a. Forward Scheduling
b. What is an activity?
c. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
d. Backward Scheduling
Ans: c
7.Production Order means?
a. Comparison or evaluation of data?
b. What period will be evaluated?
c. A production order used in discrete manufacturing.
d. CJ29 - Project Scheduling Transaction
Ans: c
8. Which one is entered in networks using confirmations.?
a. Internal Order
b. Actual Dates
c. Claim
d. Cost Center
Ans: b
9.What is mean by Purchase Order in PLM ?
a. A request or instruction from a purchasing organization to a vendor (external supplier) or a plant to deliver a quantity of material or render a service at a certain point in time.
b. Overall Network Scheduling Transaction with selection options
c. The smallest organization unit within a company, used to represent a closed system for cost accounting purposes. A controlling area may include single or multiple company codes that may use different currencies.
d. A request or instruction to Purchasing to procure a quantity of a material or service so what it is available at a certain point in time.
Ans: a
10.Which one is called “An organizational unit within a controlling area that represents a defined location of cost incurrence. The definition can be based on functional requirements, allocation criteria, physical locations or responsibility for costs”.?
a. Company Code”
b. Profit Center
c. Actual Dates
d. Cost Center
Ans: d

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