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SAP PLM Objective type Questions and Answers

11.What is mean by “The network structures that are not directly associated with a project and can be used as templates for creating other standard networks or operative networks”.?
a. Standard Network
b. Network
c. Customer Inquiry
d. Budget
12.What is mean by “a customer request to a company for a quotation or sales information that is not binding. The request is received by a sales area that is then responsible for processing it further”.?
a. Goods Issue
b. Customer Inquiry
c. Cost Center
d. Control profile
Ans: b
13.which one is Used to set control keys.?
a. SS
b. AF
d. SF
14.which one isDetermines the latest dates
a. Forward Scheduling
b. Purchasing
c. Backward Scheduling
d. Work Center
Ans: c
15.What is Determines the earliest dates means?
a. Company Code
b. Forward Scheduling
c. Work Center
d. Scheduling type
Ans: b
16.What is mean by a request or instruction to Purchasing to procure a quantity of a material or service so what it is available at a certain point in time.?
a. Purchase Order
b. Project Definition
c. Purchase Requisition
d. Cost Center
Ans: c
17.An organizationl unit that defines where and by whom an activity is to be carried otu. The data in the work center can be used for scheduling, costing, and capacity planning means?
a. Profit Center
b. Work Center
c. Cost Center
d. WBS Element
Ans: b
18.Which requirements do you want to display?
a. Period profile
b. Evaluation profile
c. Selection profile
d. Production Order
Ans: b

19. A neutral work breakdown structure that can be used several times over and only serves as a template for creating operative work breakdown structures means?
a. Standard Network
b. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
c. Standard Work Breakdown Structure
d. Work Center
Ans: c
20. Order for detailed planning and associated documetnation of measures during maintenance means?
a. Purchase Order
b. Sales Order
c. Maintenance Order
d. Internal Order
Ans: c

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