Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Thermal Power Plant Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

21.  Which type of coal has lowest calorific value?
a) Peat
b) Lignite
c) Bituminous
d) Anthracite

22. Pipes carrying steam in thermal power plant are generally made of:
a) Steel
b) Cast iron
c) aluminium
d) Cobalt
Ans: a

23. Economizer of boiler has main function of:
a) Heat up the incoming water with excess steam
b) Heat up the pulverized fuel by exhaust gases
c) Heat up the incoming air by exhaust gases
d) Heat up the incoming water by exhaust gases
Ans: d

24.  In a super heater:
a) Pressure rises and temperature drops
 b) Temperature rises and pressure drops
c) Temperature rises and pressure remains unchanged
d) Pressure rises and temperature remains the same
Ans: c

25. Steam turbine works on the principle of:
a) carnot cycle
b) brayton cycle
c) rankine cycle
d) None of the above
Ans: c

26. The steam power plant efficiency can be improved by:
a) Using large quantity of water
b) Burning large quantity of coal
c) Using high temperature and pressure of steam
d)  Decreasing the load on the plant
Ans: c

27. As the size of the thermal power plant increases, the capital cost per kW of installed capacity:
a) Increases
b) Decreases
c) Remains the same
d) May increase and decrease
Ans: b

28. Vacuum can be measured by using:
a) rotameter
b) pitot tube
c) U tube manometer
d) ventrimeter
Ans: b

29. Electrostatic precipitator is installed between:
a) Induced fan and chimney
b) air preheater and induced fan
c) Economizer and air preheater
d) Boiler furnace and economiser
Ans: b

30. Belt conveyors can be employed for transporting coal at inclination up to:
a) 75 deg
b) 60 deg
c) 30 deg
d) 15 deg
Ans: c

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