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Telecom Project Manager Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

21. ______________ is a high-performance switching and multiplexing technology that utilizes fixed-length packets to carry different types of traffic.
a. asynchronous transfer mode (ATM)
b. asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL)
c. synchronous optical network (SONET)
d. none of the above
Ans: a

22. The types of media that can transmit information in the telecommunications world are the following ______________.
a. copper wire, coaxial cable, fiber, and wireless
b. hybrid fiber/coax and copper wire
c. wireless and copper wire
d. copper wire, coaxial cable, fiber, and hybrid fiber/coax
Ans: a

23. A(n) ____ is a network that connects computer systems and devices within the same geographic area. 

   a. PAN
   b. LAN
   c. MAN
   d. WAN
Ans: b

24. The present state of mobile wireless communications is often called ____. 

   a. 1G
   b. 2G
   c. 2.5G
   d. 3G
Ans: c

25. ____ is a specialized subset of telecommunications that refers to the electronic collection, processing, and distribution of data. 

   a. Data communications
   b. Synchronous communications
   c. Asynchronous communications
   d. Electronic communications
Ans: a

26. A(n) ____ is a type of topology that has a central hub or computer system, and other computers or computer devices are located at the end of communications lines that originate from the central hub or computer. 

   a. ring network
   b. hierarchical network
   c. bus network
   d. star network
Ans: d

27. Which layer of the OSI model enables the user and host nodes to communicate with each other? 

   a. Session
   b. Network
   c. Transport
   d. Application
Ans: c

28. Which of the following refers to ALL types of data transmissions from voice to video and receiving of data across a distance via a communication channel?
  A. Network
  B. Modem
  C. Telecommunications
  D. UPS
  E. All of the above
Ans: c

29. Corporate networks that use the infrastructure standards of the Internet are called a/an
  A. Extranet
  B. World Wide Web
  C. Internet
  D. Intranet
  E. All of the above
Ans: d
30. What type of signals were you using on the last occasion when you used a hand-held remote control to change the channel on your television?
  A. Electrical pulses
  B. Microwaves
  C. Infrared
  D. radio waves
  E. All of the above
Ans: c

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