Saturday, 5 September 2015

Software Engineering Online Quiz Questions And Answers

31. Aggregation represents 
(A) is_a relationship
(B) part_of relationship
(C) composed_of relationship
(D) none of above
 Ans: C

32. If P is risk probability, L is loss, then Risk Exposure (RE) is computed as 
(A) RE = P/L
(B) RE = P + L
(C) RE = P*L
(D) RE = 2* P *L
Ans: C

33. Number of clauses used in ISO 9001 to specify quality system requirements are: 
(A) 15
(B) 20
(C) 25
(D) 28
Ans: B

34. ER model shows the 
(A) Static view.
(B) Functional view.
(C) Dynamic view.
(D) All the above.
Ans: A

35. The tools that support different stages of software development life cycle are called: 
(A) CASE Tools
(B) CAME tools
(C) CAQE tools
(D) CARE tools
Ans: A

36. Changes made to the system to reduce the future system failure chances is called
(A) Preventive Maintenance
(B) Adaptive Maintenance
(C) Corrective Maintenance
(D) Perfective Maintenance
Ans: A

37. Requirements can be refined using 
(A) The waterfall model
(B) prototyping model
(C) the evolutionary model
(D) the spiral model
Ans: B

38. The model that assumes that effort and development time are functions of product size alone is 
(A) Basic COCOMO model
(B) Intermediate COCOMO model
(C) Detailed COCOMO model
(D) All the three COCOMO models
Ans: A

39. Structured charts are a product of 
(A) requirements gathering
(B) requirements analysis
(C) design
(D) coding
Ans: C

40. The problem that threatens the success of a project but which has not yet happened is 
(A) bug
(B) error
(C) risk
(D) failure
 Ans: C

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