Saturday, 5 September 2015

Software Engineering Multiple choice Questions and Answers

41. The main purpose of integration testing is to find 
(A) design errors
(B) analysis errors
(C) procedure errors
(D) interface errors
Ans: D

42. Pseudocode can replace 
(A) flowcharts
(B) structure charts
(C) decision tables
(D) cause-effect graphs
 Ans: A

43. If a program in its functioning has not met user requirements is some way, then it is 
(A) an error.
(B) a failure.
(C) a fault.
(D) a defect.
Ans: D

44. The testing that focuses on the variables is called 
(A) black box testing
(B) white box testing
(C) data variable testing
(D) data flow testing
 Ans: A

45. CASE Tool is 
(A) Computer Aided Software Engineering
(B) Component Aided Software Engineering
(C) Constructive Aided Software Engineering
(D) Computer Analysis Software Engineering
Ans: A

46. Software consists of 
(A) Set of instructions + operating procedures
(B) Programs + documentation + operating procedures
(C) Programs + hardware manuals
(D) Set of programs
 Ans: B

47. Which is the most important feature of spiral model? 
(A) Quality management
(B) Risk management
(C) Performance management
(D) Efficiency management
Ans: B

48. Which phase is not available in software life cycle? 
(A) Coding
(B) Testing
(C) Maintenance
(D) Abstraction
Ans: D

49. Which is not a step of requirement engineering? 
(A) Requirements elicitation
(B) Requirements analysis
(C) Requirements design
(D) Requirements documentation
Ans: C

50. FAST stands for 
(A) Functional Application Specification Technique
(B) Fast Application Specification Technique
(C) Facilitated Application Specification Technique
(D) None of the above
Ans: C

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