Saturday, 5 September 2015

Software Engineering Objective Type Questions And Answers

1. The most important feature of spiral model is
(A) requirement analysis.
(B) risk management.
(C) quality management.
(D) configuration management.
Ans: B

2. The worst type of coupling is 
(A) Data coupling.
(B) control coupling.
(C) stamp coupling.
(D) content coupling.
 Ans: D

3 IEEE 830-1993 is a IEEE recommended standard for 
(A) Software requirement specification.
(B) Software design.
(C) Testing.
(D) Both (A) and (B)
 Ans: A

4 One of the fault base testing techniques is 
 (A) unit testing.
(B) beta testing.
(C) Stress testing.
(D) mutation testing.
 Ans: D

5 Changes made to an information system to add the desired but not necessarily the required features is called 
(A) Preventative maintenance.
(B) Adaptive maintenance.
(C) Corrective maintenance.
(D) Perfective maintenance.
Ans: D

6 All the modules of the system are integrated and tested as complete system in the case of 
(A) Bottom up testing
(B) Top-down testing
(C) Sandwich testing
(D) Big-Bang testing
 Ans: D

7 If every requirement stated in the Software Requirement Specification (SRS) has only one interpretation, SRS is said to be 
(A) correct.
(B) unambiguous.
(C) consistent.
(D) verifiable.
Ans: B

8 A fault simulation testing technique is ______.
(A) Mutation testing
(B) Stress testing
(C) Black box testing
(D) White box testing
Ans: A

9 Modules X and Y operate on the same input and output data, then the cohesion is 
(A) Sequential
(B) Communicational
(C) Procedural
(D) Logical
Ans: B

10 If the objects focus on the problem domain, then we are concerned with 
(A) Object Oriented Analysis.
(B) Object Oriented Design
(C) Object Oriented Analysis & Design
(D) None of the above
Ans: A

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