Saturday, 5 September 2015

50 TOP Software Engineering Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

11. SRS is also known as specification of 
(A) White box testing
(B) Stress testing
(C) Integrated testing
(D) Black box testing
Ans: D

12. The model in which the requirements are implemented by category is 
(A) Evolutionary Development Model
(B) Waterfall Model
(C) Prototyping
(D) Iterative Enhancement Model
Ans: A

13. SRD stands for 
(A) Software requirements definition
(B) Structured requirements definition
(C) Software requirements diagram
(D) Structured requirements diagram
Ans: B

14. A COCOMO model is 
(A) Common Cost Estimation Model.
(B) Constructive Cost Estimation Model.
(C) Complete Cost Estimation Model.
(D) Comprehensive Cost Estimation Model.
Ans: B

15 Which of the following statements is true
(A) Abstract data types are the same as classes
(B) Abstract data types do not allow inheritance
(C) Classes cannot inherit from the same base class
(D) Object have state and behaviour
 Ans: B

16. The desired level of coupling is 
(A) No coupling
(B) Control coupling
(C) Common coupling
(D) Data coupling
Ans: D

17. In the spiral model ‘risk analysis’ is performed 
(A) In the first loop
(B) in the first and second loop
(C) In every loop
(D) before using spiral model
Ans: C

18. For a well understood data processing application it is best to use
(A) The waterfall model
(B) prototyping model
(C) the evolutionary model
(D) the spiral model
Ans: A

19. Coupling and cohesion can be represented using a 
(A) cause-effect graph
(B) dependence matrix
(C) Structure chart
Ans: B

20. The symbol represents 
(A) mandatory 1 cardinality
(B) mandatory many cardinality
(C) optional 0 or 1 cardinality
(D) optional zero-many cardinality
Ans: D

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