Saturday, 5 September 2015

Social Media Marketing Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

21.  What is meant by "micro-blogging"?
a. Blogging daily
b. Blogs which are posted by companies, not individuals
c. Blogs with limited individual posts, limited by character count typically
d. Blogging from mobile devices
Ans: a,c

22.  What is meant by A/B testing in marketing?
a. Testing of 2 different products
b. Testing 2 versions of an advertisement to see which elicits the best response
c. Clinical testing of medical products before legally allowing them for sale
d. Testing via 2 mediums, such as radio and television
Ans: b

23.  What is “social media optimization”?
a. Creating content which easily creates publicity via social networks
b. Writing clear content
c. Creating short content which is easily indexed
d. Hiring people to create content for social networks
Ans: a

24.  What  place does Pricing have in marketing?
a. Higher prices guarantee higher revenue stream
b. The company should actively market how much their products cost
c. Different pricing levels can be tested to see what elicits the best consumer response
d. Marketing based on the pricing level relative to competition is important
Ans: c

25. What would the marketing budget section of a marketing plan detail?
a. The cost to write the plan
b. The expected costs for each ad campaign based on the delivery method
c. The overall marketing budget for a year
d. The marketing personnel job descriptions
Ans: b,c

26. How can a company use the same material for both traditional and social network marketing?
a. Posting a luring comment on Twitter the company site
b. Selling ad space on the company website
c. Utilizing a television ad campaign online as well on their site and sites such as YouTube
d. Creating a magazine print ad with the company website
Ans: c,d

27.  How often should a marketing plan be revisited?
a. Never, once written it is complete
b. As often as needed in order to revisit the plan of action and revise any new actions
c. At company board meetings
d. During the financial review of the company each month
Ans: b

28.  Which of the following would be leveraging both social network and traditional marketing?
a. Handing out print advertisements with a coupon for a store
b. A print advertisement in a magazine which drives people to a website where there is a free trial offer
c. Posting an advertisement on a message board
d. Hosting a video ad on YouTube not otherwise seen elsewhere
Ans: b

29. How does creating a social network marketing plan differ from a traditional marketing plan?
a. The brand image should be completely different for social marketing
b. The staff requirements and skill sets for social marketing are different
c. There is no need for a social marketing plan, but social marketing plan is required for traditional marketing
d. Other than the method of delivery, a marketing plan either way will be similar
Ans: b,c

30. Which of the following is valuable in increasing a page rank?
a. Paying for placement
b. Static content
c. Quantity of links from other highly ranked pages to your site
d. No contact information
Ans: c

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