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SOA Page 8 Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

71) Which people, organizational or technology factors would positively impact the readiness for SOA and its success?
  A. Excess hardware capacity
  B. Short-term revenue expectations
  C. Business unit executives avoid disruptive innovations
  D. Business partners that have the necessary skills and capabilities
Ans: D

72) Which three characteristics of SOA can make a business more agile?
  A. Defining rules for business
  B. Enforcing governance processes
  C. Creating components that can be shared
  D. Building applications from reusable components
  E. Changing the implementation without affecting the consumers
Ans: C,D,E

73) Which is a driving business need for SOA?
  A. Automate and optimize processes
  B. Security, governance and infrastructure
  C. Governance, infrastructure and connectivity
  D. Interoperability, standards and application integration
  E. High availability of hardware, operational systems and services
Ans: A

74) What is a role of Web services in building an SOA?
  A. To provide interoperability using XML-based messages
  B. To provide an interface for human interaction using task lists
  C. To provide loose coupling via remote method invocations using JAX-RPC
  D. To implement the service functionality through interfaces defined in the applications' BPEL
Ans: A

75) What is made more difficult by moving to SOA?
  A. Outsourcing of business functions
  B. Ensuring Quality of Service (QoS) objectives are met.
  C. Changing business processes to meet government regulations.
  D. Providing a role-based portal for employees, partners and customers.
Ans: B

76) Which initiative helps achieve business agility in SOA?
  A. Pairing up the appropriate service consumers and providers.
  B. Buying prefabricated objects to quickly implement business functions.
  C. Choreographing a business process to efficiently implement the desired business functions.
  D. Designing and developing a new business process model rather than adapting an existing one.
Ans: C

77) At which two points in SOA communication are registries used?
  A. During discovery
  B. During publication
  C. During message transport
  D. During message validation
  E. During message transformation
Ans: B

78) A dealer in rare and antique books is interested in streamlining their business process. Bottlenecks occur when dealing with inventory and shipping functions in the process. How can the dealer optimize this process?
  A. Create a new application to deal with the bottlenecks.
  B. Replace legacy systems with more advanced technology.
  C. Automate the manual steps so that the process is easier to monitor.
  D. Provide multiple paths through the process for some of the functions.
Ans: D

79) Which need drives a project to use an SOA approach?
  Business flexibility
  Resource virtualization
  Application integration
  Improved systems management
Ans: A

80) Which situation is most appropriate for an SOA implementation?
  A. Customer's IT strategy is to use desktop applications.
  B. The organization relies on a homogeneous environment.
  C. Pilot and prototype development is a focus of the IT organization.
  D. Parts of an application need to be developed, maintained and updated independently.
Ans: D

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