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SOA Fresher Questions And Answers

61) Which role does WS-Security play in an SOA?
  A. It provides security interchange for RESTful Web services.
  B. It enforces authentication and authorization within an SOA.
  C. It provides an end-to-end security context among Web services.
  D. It provides a security implementation for Enterprise Service Buses (ESB).
Ans: C

62) What most accurately describes a business process?
  A. The steps required to complete a unit of work in the optimal way
  B. An artifact used to capture the knowledge representing business requirements
  C. A flow of tasks that must be completed by systems or people in a certain order
  D. BPEL code that runs within a business process engine orchestrating the work of people and systems
Ans: C

63) Which role does XML play in an SOA design?
  A. XML is used to implement the UML design.
  B. XML schema drives the messaging payloads.
  C. XML is used for Web services which are required in SOA.
  D. XML is used to describe interfaces and message bindings.
Ans: D

64) Which two roles do Web services play in an SOA?
  A. They provide mediation for service requests.
  B. They provide the framework for information as a service.
  C. They support interoperability between disparate technologies.
  D. They provide an open standard means for describing service interfaces.
  E. They provide the messaging infrastructure for the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).
Ans: C,D

65) When is the location of the service provider first determined in the SOA lifecycle?
  A. Model business process and design according to requirements
  B. Construct and assemble service components
  C. Configure and deploy from test through production

  D. Manage to business and IT goals
Ans: C

66) Which statement is true about a business process in the context of SOA?
  A. It rarely includes any manual steps.
  B. It can span people, systems and information.
  C. It takes a relatively short amount of time to complete.
  D. All services are linked to the process through an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).
Ans: B

67) Which might cause a challenge to prioritizing, defining and funding services in SOA?
  A. Services that support multiple projects and/or lines of business
  B. Services that need to consider non-disruptive roll-out of changes
  C. Services that are based on standards to allow for interoperability
  D. Service requesters that are independent of the service implementation
Ans: A

68) In a growth industry, what is the most effective technique to secure executive sponsorship from a line of business for a company's adoption of SOA?
  A. Present the IT savings that can be achieved via an SOA-based reuse strategy.
  B. Emphasize the significant market acceptance of SOA as the new standard architectural style.
  C. Focus on the rate of change in the industry and the need for business agility to take advantage of these marketplace changes.
  D. Send the executive the recent article describing a competitor's SOA success that has just been published in the latest issue of an industry trade magazine.
Ans: C

69) Failure to adopt SOA will result in which outcome?
  A. Automation of document processing will be difficult.
  B. Extremely high volume, synchronous, real-time transactions will occur.
  C. Integration costs continue to grow without being offset by new business opportunities.
  D. IT budget will increase to cover the cost of additional governance and development activities.
Ans: C

70) Which statement is true about a business process in the context of Business Process Management (BPM)?
  A. It should be monitore
  B. It only deals with automated tasks.
  C. It interacts with a single application.
  D. It has one primary Key Performance Indicator (KPI).
Ans: A

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