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Latest Top SOA Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

51) When starting to adopt SOA, which action should be taken early to help drive acceptance and success?
  A. Establish the SOA strategy and project roadmap.
  B. Identify the first services required and ensure they are designed well, considering security and scalability.
  C. Roll the SOA project in as the next phase of a project under development to prove the value to the business.
  D. Prepare the infrastructure for SOA by establishing a development environment, testing environment and the control process to promote services.
Ans: A

52) In the IBM SOA Reference Architecture, the service registry should be logically located with which other component?
  A. Access Services
  B. Process Services
  C. Infrastructure Services
  D. Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
Ans: D

53) Which cross-cutting concerns are present at all areas within a logical SOA?
  A. Integration, security, management, monitoring and governance
  B. Logging, auditing, business processes, information architecture, identity provision and governance
  C. Encapsulation, separation of concerns, high cohesion, loose-coupling, Ans:  granularity and abstraction
  D. Business flexibility, business agility, cost effectiveness, goal related, traceable requirements and continuous incremental improvement
Ans: A

54) What is contained in an SOA repository as opposed to a registry?
  A. Service policy information
  B. Versions of software components
  C. Uncommitted transactions to enable compensation handling
  D. Service endpoint information to facilitate dynamic binding at runtime
Ans: A

55) Access services represent which vital function in the IBM SOA Reference Architecture?
  A. Distributed role-based access control mechanisms
  B. Connectivity with existing and legacy functionality
  C. Additional security at gateway points between domains
  D. Services exposed across different business units or organizations
Ans: B

56) Which artifact is the most helpful to an organization's SOA transformation and implementation roadmap?
  A. A reference architecture
  B. A service interface description
  C. A Web services standards glossary
  D. A proposed service registry document
Ans: A

57) In preparing to go to SOA, which governance aspect should be implemented from the beginning?
  A. Create the SOA architecture documentation.
  B. Manage and secure services, applications and resources.
  C. Provide a framework for measuring the effectiveness of SO
  D. Establish the common metadata model to ensure interoperability.
Ans: C

58) Which people, organizational or technology factors negatively impact the adoption of SOA?
  A. Putting funding mechanisms in place to encourage reuse
  B. Agreeing on policies for service reuse across lines of business
  C. Planning to perform a complete overhaul of all business processes
  D. Defining additional capabilities required, such as upgrades to the IT infrastructure
Ans: C

59) In which situation would a manufacturing plant most likely choose to use an SOA approach for their Customer Order Analysis and Tracking System?
  A. The company wanted development and operations to be as simple as possible.
  B. The company wanted to break down department silos and encourage everyone to use the same set of tools.
  C. Most of the company's processes were manual or document-centric with little opportunity for automation.
  D. The legacy system had grown in such a way that it was not easy to update and could not handle the emerging business demands.
Ans: D

60) Which standard describes the interface for Web services?
  A. WS-I
Ans: D

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