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Most Recently Asked SOA Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

41) A satellite television service company is starting an SOA project to support an upcoming advertising campaign for high-definition television service. What is the most effective way to ensure that the business issues drive the technical implementation and achieve anticipated Return on Investment (ROI)?
  A. Create a reference model to categorize the standards, specifications and technologies to construct, deliver and exchange application components and a framework to describe,
  B. Document the business requirements and expected goals. Design the business services required to fulfill these needs. Develop test cases based on these initial business
  C. Document the technical design of the project and have the business analysts on the review team ensure this is meeting the business requirements. Validate at various points in
  D. Create a framework for measuring the performance of major IT investments and associated assets. Build a reference model that describes and analyzes the current operational
  E. Map the business requirements against this model to determine the new capabilities that are required.
Ans: B

42) What is a primary need for implementing SOA governance?
  A. Multiple projects are being implemented concurrently.
  B. The project office is required to report to executive management.
  C. Services are developed, maintained and owned by multiple stakeholders.
  D. Government regulations dictate compliance with government requirements.
Ans: C

43) Why is defining appropriate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) important for the success of an SOA?
  A. To provide IT performance metrics
  B. To determine the marketability of the SOA processes
  C. To justify funding for migration of the processes to SOA
  D. To provide feedback indicating Return on Investment (ROI) back to the business
  E. To enable business executives to identify impediments and bottlenecks in performance of the business processes
Ans: D

44) In which phase of the SOA lifecycle are service descriptions specified?
  A. Model business process and design according to requirements
  B. Construct and assemble service components
  C. Configure and deploy from test through production
  D. Manage to business and IT goals
Ans: A

45) What describes the purpose of the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) in an SOA?
  A. It provides separation of concerns so that each service can be managed separately.
  B. It provides a design that allows components to be changed with less impact to the consumer.
  C. It allows a service consumer to make a service request without knowing the details of the operation.
  D. It implements service functionality by integrating existing back end service functionality using routing and transformation logic.
Ans: B

46) In applying SOA, which principle can reduce overall cost?
  A. Reuse services across lines of business.
  B. Build services for only the most important business functions.
  C. Build general services that can perform a variety of business tasks.
  D. Reimplement all services on a consistent hardware and software platform.
Ans: A

47) What is a typical requirement in an SOA environment for determining business success?
  A. Adherence to six-sigma business guidelines
  B. A dashboard for reporting metrics to business analysts
  C. The ability to pilot the solution in a production environment to business stakeholders
  D. The capability to monitor and measure performance against business process goals
Ans: D

48) Which statement describes a business process in the context of SOA?
  A. It is a business policy or decision procedur
  B. Items are accumulated and then processed together.
  C. It is a series of tasks connected together like building blocks.
  D. It enables interactions between message consumers and providers.
Ans: C

49) What describes the role of the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)?
  A. An adapter that exposes back end functionality of legacy systems
  B. A routing and mediation component that loosely couples service interfaces
  C. A routing and mediation component that loosely couples service implementations
  D. A component where transformation and aggregation are used to implement service interfaces
Ans: C

50) When releasing a new service version, which changes to the WSDL document are backward compatible?
  A. Adding an operation
  B. Removing an operation
  C. Renaming an operation
  D. Changing the parameters of an operation
Ans: A

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