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SOA Online Quiz Questions And Answers

31) If a component of the overall system is functionally complete and operates within that system independently from the functionality of the other components, it is an example of which SOA architectural concept?
  A. Modularity
  B. Extensibility
  C. Loose coupling
  D. Separation of concerns
  E. Composite implementation
Ans: A

32) Which two statements define a service in SOA?
  A. It is a transaction that supports a business function.
  B. It is a standard way for messaging between service providers and consumers.
  C. It exposes business functionality with a well-defined interface that can be invoke
  D. It is a language-specific operation that executes across an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).
  E. It is a loosely-coupled component that can be choreographed to create a composite business function.
Ans: C,E

33) What demonstrates one of the key principles communicated by the IBM SOA Reference Architecture?
  A. Business processes can be modeled in parallel with the services they rely on.
  B. Services are implemented using the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and exposed to service consumers.
  C. Business process developers need to communicate effectively with Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) developers.
  D. Changes in service implementations require changes in the service interface which should be reflected in the service registry.
Ans: A

34) An organization plans to automate a business process and expose the result as a service. How should humans interact with such a business process in the context of SOA?
  A. A Web application may be developed to act as a service consumer, allowing humans to invoke the automated business process. Any activity in the business process may be
  B. The use of human activities in such a business process is not recommended since the slow response that will be received from humans is not suitable to the synchronous
  C. A Web application may be developed to act as a service consumer, allowing humans to invoke the automated business process from a browser. All activities in the business
  D. A Web application may be developed to act as a service consumer, allowing humans to invoke the automated business process. Only unusual steps in the business process
  E. All other activities should be performed by automated service providers.
Ans: A

35) Which statement describes the importance of SOA governance?
  A. It provides a tool for controlling the distribution of Web services for a line of business.
  B. It eliminates the risk in migrating a business from standard integration mechanisms to SOA.
  C. It creates a clearly articulated decision framework for designing, implementing and managing SOA services.
  D. It provides a mechanism for the lines of business to provide input to IT staff for the design of services.
Ans: C

36) What will be the largest barrier to their success?
  A. Insufficient SOA skills
  B. Finding unbiased vendor product comparisons
  C. Legacy applications written in an obsolete language
  D. IT staff needing to work with business analysts who do not understand the underlying technical complexity
Ans: A

37) Why is reusability an important aspect to promoting agility in SOA?
  A. Services often represent functions in an SO
  B. Existing applications may serve as the basis for service interfaces.
  C. The interface of a service allows it to be integrated into additional processes without changes.
  D. Service interface details may be defined at a high level according to anticipated business requirements.
Ans: C

38) What can have the largest impact on the performance of an SOA?
  A. Service granularity
  B. Use of open standards
  C. Service version management
  D. Business monitoring of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Ans: A

39) A retail company is having difficulty implementing changes to its business process. Lines of business maintain their own data stores and proprietary access interfaces. There are severalmanual steps which involve recapturing of data. How can they change this process to make it more efficient?
  A. Outsource the shipping function to reduce overhead costs.
  B. Create services that combine application and information assets.
  C. Create shared services to eliminate redundancies in the process.
  D. Choose the latest technology available to integrate the applications and resources.
Ans: C

40) When starting the journey to SOA, which action should be taken first?
  A. Create a pilot project to demonstrate the value of SOA to the business.
  B. Establish a development environment for shared services that can be used across the enterprise.
  C. Obtain organizational commitment to the SOA direction at the appropriate business and IT levels.
  D. Choose the Ans:  Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) vendor as all other artifacts in the environment will be connected to this.
Ans: C

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