Wednesday, 9 September 2015

siebel system admin Objective type Questions and Answers

11. Best practice for modifying Business Component
a. Unused columns should not be deleted
b. Use Upgrade ancestor for future upgrades
c. Use specialized business components as templates
d. Modify an existing Business component to suite your requirement
Ans: D

12. When does Transaction Merger populate the conflict ID with a non-zero value
a. Update Record
b. Duplicate Record
c. Delete Record
d. Query Record
Ans: B

13. For proper working of Mobile Client 
a. Use Transaction Docking = FALSE
b. Use Transaction Docking = TRUE
c. Use EXEC = TRUE
Ans: B

14. Generate New Database component does what
a. Create a new database
b. Create a Template for current Database Schema
c. Import Repository
d. Migrate Repository
Ans: B

15. Transaction Processor uses S_DOCK_TXN_LOG to create
a. DOKING\USER directories
b. TXNPROC directory
c. To Synchronize remote client
d. To create compressed files for individual users
Ans: B

16. What are the following TRUE about a Join, Choose 2
a. Using Join one can achieve M:M relationship
b. Explicit Join Fields are read-only
c. Explicit joins need to be created in Tools
d. Joins are between two applets
Ans:  B, C

17. Which of following is valid Task State Choose all that apply
f. Killed
Ans: c, f

18. S_PARTY_PER stores relations for, Choose 3 
a. Employee & Position
b. User List & Users
c. Access Group & Members
d. Person & Employee
Ans:  A, B, C

19. Which of the following are true for Template Files 
a. Style sheet cannot be modified by the customer
b. Style sheet can be modified by the customer
c. Style sheets are stored in database
d. Style sheets have extension of .swt
Ans: B

20. Using .ifb files we can do, Choose 2
a. Import archive
b. Specify an EIM Table
c. Do an Import, Delete, Merge and Export
d. Render UI Layer
Ans:  B, C

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