Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Top 46 siebel system admin Objective type Questions and Answers

1. Given a view how to determine business components, Choose 2
c. Business Objects references in Tools
d. Using Screen, ScreenViews
Ans: B,C

2. Which is NOT TRUE for <>
a. HintText=Applet
b. It is only used for Applet Template
c. It is only used for View Template
d. Acts as a place holder for an applet
Ans: B

3. What happens when u drilldown on that task number ?
a. Task parameters
b. Task state values
c. Task Info Log
d. Task statistics
Ans: c

4. How to install SWSE, Choose 2
a. Start the required windows service
b. Invoke Install from eappweb
c. Install Web server
d. Shutdown and restart the siebel server
Ans: B, C

5. Steps for Internal Authentication, Choose 3
a. Start the workflow for user registration
b. Create Employee, Position, Responsibilities using Siebel client
c. Set-up the external directory
d. Use the user and account information provided by Authentication service
e. DBA, give proper grants to user
f. DBA, Create database Login
Ans: B, E, F

6. Use of grantusr.sql
a. To create Siebel grants
b. To create database user (SADMIN)
c. To install Siebel applications
d. Trigger file
Ans: B, A

7. Which of the following is TRUE if a user has different set of Responsibilities
a. User can log on with the primary responsibility
b. User sees the Union of all responsibilities
c. User can see only one set of Views
Ans: B

8. Data access control is based on, Choose 3
a. User ID
b. Position
c. Organization
d. Responsibilities
Ans: A, B, C

9. If you don’t know the object type and the parent for the object definition how do you find in Siebel Tools 
a. Use Type Tab
b. Use Detail Tab
c. Use Flat Tab
d. Use Search Repository option
Ans:  C

10. Where do you see Parent/Child relation for the object definitions? 
a. Use Type Tab
b. Use Detail Tab
c. Use Flat Tab
d. All of Above
Ans:  A

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