Wednesday, 9 September 2015

siebel system admin Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

21. Back up local remote repository, Choose 3
a. Add to Archive
b. Check-out from the server
c. Backup complete database file (use Copy/Paste)
d. Check-In to Server
Ans: A, C, D

22. If you lock project locally which is NOT TRUE then, Choose 2
a. You cannot check-in to the server
b. You can check-in to the server
c. You cannot undo your changes
d. You can use Tools->Unlock to unlock project
Ans: B, C

23. Mobile web client will use the following, Choose 3
a. Local Object Manager
b. Local Data Manager
c. Local SWE
d. Siebel Server
Ans: A, B, C

24. Initialization Parameter for the application engine
a. Configuration File ( .cfg )
b. Siebel Repository
c. Server Manager Task
d. File System Manager
Ans: A

25. For displaying application name (Splash Text ) from “Call Center” to “ABC Call center” change
a. Application Name
b. Application Title
c. Application SplashText
d. Application Text
Ans: C

26. Which is NOT TRUE to scroll vertically in List Applet record
a. Use <> Navigation button
b. Use Menu Button First Record
c. Use Menu Button Last Record
d. Use Vertical Scroll Bar
Ans: D

27. How do you register views 
a. Application Administration->Responsibilities
b. Application Administration-> Views
c. Application Administration-> Utilities->Responsibilities
d. Application Administration-> Utilities->Views
Ans: B

28. How do you populate List of Values, Choose 2
a. Using Siebel Tools
b. Batch Load
c. Application Administration->List of Values
d. System Preferences->List of Values
Ans: B, C

29. How do you navigate through Screens, Choose 2
a. Application Administration-> Screens
b. Screen Tabs
c. View Tabs
d. View Site-Map

30. Advantage of frequent Synchronization, Choose 3
a. Reduces number of modem connectivities
b. Easy Recovery
c. Saves Disk Space
d. Use less Synchronization session time
Ans: B, C, D

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