Wednesday, 9 September 2015

siebel system admin Online Quiz Questions And Answers

31.Which are the following Preinstallation tasks, Choose 3
a. Create OS A/C
b. Create masterdb
c. Create siebeldb
d. Identify Windows filesystem
e. Create and share filesystem
Ans: a,c,e

32.Why is OS account required?
a. Used to run Enterprise Server processes and components
b. Used to associate component groups
c. Required by optional Resonate Central Dispatch connection brokering software

33. Name of file system
a. sieblfile
b. siebfile
c. filesib
d. siebeldb
Ans: b

34.What does invoke server installation program for Database server do. Choose 3
a. Copies repository data and seed data on to siebeldb
b. Install the DB Server Configuration utility and its associated files
c. Creates database schema
d. Creates database users
Ans: a, b, c

35.How do u install siebel SWSE
a. Run SWSE.exe
b Invoke eAPPWEB
c. Install Webserver and and give Eappweb as one of the components/parameters
d.Installing web server automatically installs SWSE.
Ans: b

36.How do u verify SWSE installation
a. Check the directories in c:\siebesrvr\SWSE
b. Check the logs in C:\IIS
c. Check the virtual directories in personal web manger IIS
d.Check the logs in C:\siebsrvr\IIS\SWSE
Ans: c

37.Where do u find license keys?
a. User preferences
b. Application Administration
c. Group Administration
d.License key administration
Ans: b

38. Which of following is true about customer data Choose 2
a. Includes dynamic, transactional data such as opportunities and orders
b. Is created and maintained by company administrators
c. Is created and managed by users of the application
d. Can have access controlled at the catalog and category level
Ans: a, c

39. Access Control Mechanisms for Customer data Choose all that apply
a. Personal
b. Position-based
c. Division-based
d. Team-based
Ans: a, b

40.Which of the following does not appear in show drop down for server administration
a. Component grou
b. Server Manager
c. Tasks
d. Server
Ans: b

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