Saturday, 5 September 2015

Share Marketing Objective type Questions and Answers

11) How many companies make up Dow Jones Industrial Average?
  A. 10 Companies
  B. 20 Companies
  C. 30 Companies
  D. 50 Companies
Ans: C

12) It is always good to invest in a stock that has declined or seems to be "on sale."
  A. True
  B. False
Ans: B

13) If there are more buyers than sellers the prices____________.
  A. Fall
  B. Rise
Ans: B

14) Money availibility can change with....(check all that apply)
  A. Movement of Interest rates
  B. Earning of a Corporation
  C. Having Investors
Ans: A,B

15) _____________________ is where the price stops declining and either flattens out or begins to retrace its upward trend.
  A. Substructure
  B. Foundation
  C. Floor
  D. Bottom
  E. Hault
Ans: D

16) From your readings, What are the common reasons a price decline might NOT be so serious?
  A. Company stock is taking a break
  B. Market Ans: ion
  C. Profit taking from employee stock distribution
  D. Cheaper to buy
  E. No news related reason at all
Ans: B,C,E

17) From your readings, What are the common reasons a price decline could be serious? (Check all that apply)
  A. Lower earnings or estimates are predicted.
  B. Possible lawsuit.
  C. Low credit ratings.
  D. Employee strike
  E. Tax problems
Ans: A,B,C,E

18) If there are more sellers than buyers the prices _____________.
  A. Fall
  B. Rise
Ans: A

19) A good investor must become familiar with the ____________ action of the market and the stock of interest
  A. Past
  B. Buyer
  C. Current
  D. Seller
  E. Future
Ans: C

20) The stock market always trades.....
  A. Due to current prices and trends.
  B. In anticipation for the future.
  C. Based on past sales.
Ans: B

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