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Share Marketing Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

21) Usually the best time to buy in a stock is when.......
  A. a uptrend turns down and solidly crosses the trend line.
  B. a downtrend turns up and solidly crosses the trend line.
  C. a downtrend turns up and stays at the trend line.
  D. a uptrend rises and remains at the trend line.
Ans: B

22) _________________ is when buyers enter a downtrend and stop the decline.
  A. Assistance
  B. Support
  C. Reinforcement
  D. Foundation
  E. Provision
Ans: B

23) Information about _______________(s) can be otained through news media, the internet, or by calling the company direct.
A. stock
B. Stocks.
C. All of the above
Ans: C

24) A ____________________ gives their opinion as to the current weakness or strength of the stock market.
 A. market analysis
 B. economist
 C. Both A&B
 D. None

25) A high interest investment in a company in risk of going bankrupt is called a:
A. Blue chip
B. Junk bond
C. Futures
D. Fool's gold
Ans: B

26) This describes an investment tool in which a group of indivdiuals give money to a company/person who in turns invests the money for them.
A. Preferred stock
B. Common stock
C. Mutual Fund
D. Corporate bond
Ans: C

27) Stock with less volatility, reputed company, long history of growth and earnings is called as
A. Growth stock
B. Income Stock
C. Large Cap stock
D. Blue Chip stock
Ans: D

28) Ratio used to compare a stock's market value to its book value.
A. price to book ratio
B. Dividend yeild ratio
C. price earning ratio
D. Earning per share
Ans: A

29) Stock trading where stock quantities buy or sell by an investor is more then 0.5% of total number of equity shares of the company listed is called as.
A. bull dael
B. Bull
C. Dael
D. All of the above
Ans: A

30) An individual is more likely to invest in a bear market than in a bull market.   
A. True
B. False
Ans: B

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