Saturday, 5 September 2015

Top 30 Share Marketing Objective type Questions and Answers

1) When did stocks Trading Start in the United tates?
  A. Around 25 Years Ago
  B. Around 50 Years Ago
  C. Around 75 Years Ago
  D. Around 200 Years Ago
Ans: D

2) When was the New York Stock Exchange created?
  A. 1992
  B. 1702
  C. 1863
  D. 1792
Ans: D

3) What is NYSE?
  A. New York Saturday Exchange
  B. New York Stock Exchange
  C. New York Store Exchange
  D. A and B
Ans: B

4) What are Stock Ticker Symbols
  A. How Stocks go Up & Down
  B. Identification tag for a Stock
  C. Little Tickers Seen On Exchange
  D. All of Above
Ans: B

5) Stockholder is another name for
  A. Sharemember
  B. Shareholder
  C. Sharebuilder
  D. None of the Above
Ans: B

6) What is Stock Fundlemental Analysis?
  A. Evaluating A Companies Balance Sheets
  B. Evaluating A Companies Operating Hours
  C. Evaluating A Companies Balance Attack
  D. B and C

 Ans: A

7) What company has the following MSFT ticker symbol?
  A. Merck
  B. McDonalds
  C. Microsoft
  D. None of the above
Ans: C

8) What is AMEX?
  A. American Stock Exchange Capital
  B. American Mobile Stock Exchange
  C. American Merchant Stock Exchange
  D. American Mirror Stock Exchange
Ans: A

9) What is a company Annual report?
A. Financial Statement issued by a Capitalist
  B. Financial Statement issued by China
  C. Financial Statement issued by a Corporation
  D. None of the Above
Ans: C

10) What is a Bear Market?
  A. A Declining Asset
  B. A Declining Market
  C. A Declining savings bond
  D. B & C
Ans: B

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