Saturday, 5 September 2015

Selenium Objective type Questions and Answers

11. What does the term DOM refers to ?
A. Dynamic Object Model
B. Document Object Model
C. Data Object Model
D. Document Flow Object Model
Ans: B

12. What does the term regex expands to ?
A. Registered Expression
B. Regular Expression
C. Regression Expression
D. Regional Expression
Ans: B

13. Which label is used as prefix pattern to specify a globbing pattern parameter for a Selenese command ?
A. pattern
B. glob
C. regex
D. None
Ans: B

14. What is a test suite made of ?
A. Test packs
B. Tests
C. Test blocks
D. Test pattern
Ans: B

15. What does the assertTitle checks ?
A. Element title
B. Page title
C. Block title
D. Title of element under focus
Ans: B

16. Select the component which is NOT part of Selenium suite.
A. Selenium IDE
B. Selenium RC
C. SeleniumGrid
D. Selenium Web
Ans: D

17. Select the language which is NOT supported by the Selenium RC.
B. Java
C. C#
Ans: A

18. Select the name which is NOT the type of the locaters.
B. Name
C. Password
D. Link Text
Ans: A,C

19. Is Web Driver a component of the Selenium?
A. No
B. Yes
Ans: B

20. Selenium IDE stands for
A. Selenium Intialization Development Environment
B. Selenium Interrelated Development Environment
C. Selenium Integrated Development Environment
D. Selenium Information Development Environment
Ans: C

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