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SAP SRM Online Quiz Questions And Answers

31. What does the transaction "BBPGETVD" do?
A.  It transfers the materials from the back-end SAP R/3 system into EBP.
B.  It transfers the terms of payment of the vendors from the backend into EBP.
C.  It replicates the vendors from the back-end system into the vendor organization (PPOMA_BBP).
D.  All vendor master records are transferred from the backend and the business partner numbers are entered for these vendors in EBP.
Ans: C

32.Which statement(s) concerning master data in SRM is/are correct?
A.  Material Master Data is transferred from the SAP backend to EBP using middleware.
B.  Product Categories correspond to material groups in the SAP backend.
C.  Business partner master records correspond to the vendor master records in the SAP backend.
D.  All of the above.
Ans: D

33. Which statements pertaining to the OCI interface are correct?
A.  OCI allows organizations to connect their EBP systems with online catalogs like Office Depot, Dell, and Grainger and transfer their catalog data into the EBP shopping carts.
B.  OCI describes the data exchange between the EBP and external catalog applications.
C.  The OCI interface contains inbound and outbound parameters.
D.  All of the above
Ans: D

34. Which of the following are correct as of release SRM 4.0?
A.  Customer-specific fields can be created for the shopping cart, purchase order, and contract documents in SRM.
B.  The procurement card functionality in EBP can be implemented in the Classic and Extended Classic scenario.
C.  ITS can now be utilized integrated with the Web Application Server 6.40. This can decrease the total cost of ownership (TCO).
D.  a and c
Ans: D

35. What statements pertaining to the account assignment in SRM are correct?
A.  A real-time validation occurs in the SAP back-end system.
B.  A G/L account has to be assigned to the product category for the validation of the accounts.
C.  A local validation in EBP independent of a back-end system is also possible.
D.  a and c
Ans: D

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