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SAP BO Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

21. Which three If-Then-Else control structure formulas in Crystal syntax will generate an error? (Choose three.) 
a. If {Orders.Order Amount} < 100 Then"Under $100"ElseIs {Orders.Order Amount} in 100 to 200 Then "Between $100 and $200"
b. If {Orders.order Amount} < 1000 Then "Low" Else "High"
c. If {Orders.Order Amount} < 100 Then formula = "Under $100" ElseIf {Orders.Order Amount} in 100 to 200 Then formula = "Between $100 and $200" EndIf
d. If {Orders.Order Amount} < 200 ThenUnder $200 ElseIf {Orders.Order Amount} in 200 to 300 Then Between $200 and $300
Answer: A, C, D

22. Which two methods can you use to insert field objects into a Crystal report? (Choose two.) 
a. Right-click the area where you want the field object to appear, then select Insert Field Object from the Context menu.
b. Click the field name, drag it to the desired position and release the mouse button to insert.
c. Open the Section Expert and click the Insert button.
d. Click the field name and click the Insert to Report icon at the top of the Field Explorer. Drag the field to the desired position and left-click to insert.
Answer: B, D

23. You are designing a Crystal report that summarizes customer orders by country, then by state, then by city and by customer ID. You want the report to print each country on a new page. Thefirst page should display a bar chart showing Total Sales by Country group in the Report Header and as much of the first country as can be displayed. The last page should show the summary for the last country and the grand total for the entire report. Which step can you perform in the Section Expert to achieve the design goal? 
a. Set New Page After on for Group Footer #1
b. Conditionally format the New Page After property for Group Footer #1 using the formula "not onlastrecord"
c. Format the New Page After property for Group Header #1 using the formula "not onlastrecord"
d. Set New Page After on for the Report Header section
Answer: B

24. You want to create a formula using the Formula Workshop. You begin by right-clicking Formula Fields in the Field Explorer and then click the New button. What happens after you click the New button? 
a. You must select the type of formula and click OK.
b. The Formula Workshop opens with the Formula Editor inactive.
c. You must enter a formula name and click OK.
d. The Formula Workshop opens with the Formula Editor active.
Answer: C

25. Which three options are provided for web pagination? (Choose three.) 
a. Navigation controls
b. Page breaking controls
c. Conditional Page Margin controls
d. Portrait versus Landscape controls
Answer: B, C, D

26. What are three Crystal Reports 2008 viewer features? (Choose three.) 
a. Docked/Stationary Toolbar
b. Export to Microsoft PowerPoint
c. Java DHTML Viewer Exporting
d. Independent Group Tree Scrolling
Answer: A, C, D

27. How must you register multiple XML export formats in Crystal Reports 2008? 
a. Configure XML export formats using the Define XML dialog.
b. Configure XML export formats using the Manage XML dialog.
c. Add XML export formats using the Manage XML Exporting Formats dialog.
d. Add XML export formats using the Define XML Exporting Formats dialog.
Answer: C

28. You have created a report with a parameter but the parameter value is not always required. Which method should you use? 
a. Set Editable to True
b. Set Null Values to True
c. Set Custom Values to True
d. Set Optional Prompt to True
Answer: D

29. Which two reasons explain why the Group Sort Expert is disabled when you attempt to create a Top N report? (Choose two.) 
a.You are in Design view.
b.The data was not refreshed.
c.You are in a Drill Down view.
d.The report is missing a summary value.
Answer: C, D

30. You make changes to the record selection criteria in a Crystal report. In which two circumstances should you choose the Refresh Data option rather than the Use Saved Data option? (Choose two.) 
a. When up-to-the-minute, current information must be displayed on the report.
b. When adding one or more selection criteria.
c. When it is important to avoid time delays caused by network traffic during database server connects.
d. When removing one or more existing selection criteria.
Answer: A, D

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