Wednesday, 23 September 2015

QTP Objective Type Questions And Answers

21) The standard timing delay for web based application is
A. 20 seconds
B. 60 seconds
C. Infinite
D. 100 seconds
Ans: B

22) In VB Script functions, which one is false among the following
a. Variables must be declared before use
b. Variables may not be declared before use
c. Variables may be declared without data types
d. None
Ans: A

23) To count the no of rows in a table
a. getrowcount
b. Getlinecount
c. Getcount
d. Count
Ans: A

24) Object which is used for calling the win32 api functions in QTP, we use
A. extern
B. description
C. environment
D. None
Ans: A

25) By default, the all actions in QTP are
a. non – reusable
b. reusable
c. external
d. None
Ans: A

26) To refer the global data sheet, we can use the statement
a. dtglobalsheet
b. Global
c. Both A & B
d. None
Ans: C

27) Select Case statement is end with
A. end case
B. exit case
C. esac
D. end select
Ans: D

28) To specify the “Not Equal to” in QTP, symbol used is
A. !=
B. <>
C. NOT =
D. ==
Ans: B

29) which one is the default data type of QTP
A. integer
B. String
C. Variant
D. Double
Ans: B

30) To differentiate similar objects in one screen, QTP uses
A. object identification
B. Smart identification
C. Object repository
D. Object spy
Ans: B

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