Friday, 4 September 2015

Private Security Online Quiz Questions And Answers

31. Key bodies that work with the security industry are?
A. The local unemployment agency
B. The local prison service
C. The local authority
D. The local charity shop

Ans: C
32. Statute Laws are:
A. acts of kindness
B. acts or Parliment
C. made by the courts
D. acts of the European Court
Ans: B
33. The Human Rights Act ensures that a person has:
A. the right to liberty and fraternity
B. the right to liberty and security
C. the right to liberty and equal pay
D. the right to liberty and freedom
Ans: B
34. Which of the following is an emergency?
A. Argument between staff
B. Friction between customers
C. Misunderstanding between staff and customer
D. Fight between staff
Ans: D
35. Who is reponsible for carrying out a risk assesment?
A. Employee
B. Contractors
C. Employer
Ans: C
36. Before being designated as a 'first aider' an employee must:
A. check that the first aid box is stocked
B. wear the appropriate clothing to identify them as 'first aiders'
C. undergo appropriate training
D. demonstrate first aid to the companies employees
Ans: C
37. On discovering a fire the first step should be:
A. go to the assembly point and call your manager
B. shout fire loudly and find your manager
C. raise the alarm and go to the assembly point
D. go to the assembly point leaving all doors open behind you
Ans: C
38. What is the 'zone of colour' on a foam fire extingusher?
A. Black
B. Red
C. Cream
D. Canary yellow
Ans: C
39. An emergency is:
A. serious, planned and can be dealt with in 30 minutes
B. serious, unplaned and must be dealt with immediately
C. unplanned can wait for 10 minutes
D. not serious but best dealt with quickly

Ans: B
40. Anyone working within the private security industry should:
A. be able to be tough and aggressive
B. be trained in advanced martial arts
C. hold a valid first aid certificate
D. have good customer service skills
Ans: B

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