Friday, 4 September 2015

Most Recently Asked Private Security Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

41. Which of the following is not PPE?
A. Mobile phone
B. Knife
C. Torch
D. Needle-proof gloves
Ans: B
42. Which of the following decribes the fire triangle?
A. Fuel, oxegen, heat
B. Foam, CO2, Powder
C. Convection, conduction, radiation
D. Heat , gas, foam
Ans: A
43. Which of these is the best to used on an electrical fire?
A. Foam extingusher
B. Powder extinguisher
C. CO2 extinguisher
D. Fire blanket
Ans: C
44. What shape are hazard signs?
A. Square
B. Circle
C. Triangle
D. Diamond
Ans: D
45. A Class F fire is caused by burning:
A. flammable liquids
B. electrical equipment
C. flammable gases
D. cooking oil or fat
Ans: D
46. If a visitor clutches their chest and colapses, what should a security operative do first?
A. Call the manager
B. Fill out a RIDDOR report
C. Call for an ambulance
D. Call their supervisors
Ans: C
47. Burning flammable gases are a:
A. class A fire
B. class B fire
C. class C fire
D. class D fire
Ans: C
48. Which of the following is verbal communication?
A. Pictures
B. Spoken words
C. Writing
D. Body language
Ans: B
49. Which of the following is the best way to communicate with someone who speaks a different language?
A. Body language
B. Shout louder
C. Speak slowly in English
D. Write the message down
Ans: A
50. Which of these would be the best way to communicate in a conflict situation?
A. Adopt passive behaviour as this will calm other people down
B. Shout as loud as required to ensure that everyone can hear you
C. Speak clearly and in a controlled way and only state the facts
D. Stare at anyone who disagrees with you to assert your authority
Ans: C

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