Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Page 7 VB Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

61. If you know want to migrate your Visual Basic 6 application to VB.NET, what is the first thing you should do ?
A. Schedule meetings with end users to see what features they want to add to the app.
B. Open the Visual Basic Upgrade Wizard, get a cup of coffee and watch it run.
C. Assess the VB 6 application; find out what controls it uses, what projects are in there and so on.
D. Cancel all social plans for the next couple months and start rewriting the app in .NET.

62. Some bits of a Visual Basic 6 application, like most APIs, can be easily migrated to VB.NET; other parts are not so straightforward. Which of the following will NOT have to be re-architected during a VB 6-to-VB.NET migration ?
A. DHTML pages
B. ADO to ADO via Interop
C. ActiveX documents
D. OLE controls

63. The Visual Basic Upgrade Wizard will convert all the code in your VB 6 application to VB.NET code for you.
A. False
B. True
C. Not always
D. Can't say

64. This programming language model is used sparingly in VB 6 but is one of the cornerstones of VB.NET. Knowing the ins and outs of it will make an application migration project easier and also prepare you for additional work in VB.NET. What is the model ? 
A. Modular programming
B. Aspect-oriented programming
C. Reflective programming
D. Object-oriented programming

65. What two controls are needed when creating a toolbar ?
A. Only Toolbar control
B. ImageList and Toolbar control
C. Both 1 and 2
D. All the above

66. Can a toolbar display text instead of pictures in the buttons ?
A. No, a toolbar can only display images
B. No, a toolbar can only display text
C. Yes, a toolbar can display text, images, or both.
D. None of these

67. The vbc.exe compiler generates:
A. IL Code
B. Native code
C. Byte Code
D. None of these

68. which program will you use to assemble a program written in IL:
A. ildasm
B. clr
C. ilasm
D. All the above

69. A ‘for’ loop will run faster in VB.NET or C# ?
B. C#
C. Both of them will run equally fast.
D. None of these

70. What’s the difference between a class field property ?
A. A field always has Get and Set Methods
B. A property always has Get and Set Methods
C. Both 1 and 2
D. None of the above

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