Thursday, 10 September 2015

Most Recently Asked WPF Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

41. Is XAML meant only for WPF ?
Ans: B

42. What is the stand for is XBAP?
A. extensible based application
B. XAML Browser Application
C. XAML Based Application
D. none
Ans: B

43. Which of the following have two states of Freezable object?
A. Fix and Unfix
B. Frozen and unfrozen.
C. Static and Dynamic
D. None
Ans: B

44. Which layout control would be the best choice for a user interface that requires evenly spaced controls laid out?
A. Grid
B. Canvas
C. UniformGrid
D. EvenlyGrid
Ans: C

45. Events Supported by WPF is are?
A. Direct Event
B. Bubbling Event
C. Tunneling Event
D. All of the above
Ans: D

46. WPF transformations can be used for
A. Only rotaion
B. Only scaling
C. Only skewing
D. rotation, scaling, and skewing
Ans: D

47. Which object can be used share the variable across pages in WPF?
A. Application
B. Session
C. Cookies
D. Viewstate
Ans: A

48. Which of the following is true regarding XAML?
A. Separation of designer code and logic
B. Tools like Expression Blend do not support XAML.
C. XAML is platform independent.
D. All of the above
Ans: A

49. How you can set a working mnemonic key for a label?
A. Set the Target property to the target control. Precede the letter for the mnemonic key with an underscore symbol in the Content property of the Label control.
B. You must place both the Label control and the Target property in the same container.
C. Set the Mnemonic Key property on the Label control.
D. None
Ans: A

50. In WPF which language is used to express user interface?
D. C#
Ans: B

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