Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Most Recently Asked Manual Testing Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

81. Defect Management process does not include
a. Defect prevention
b. Deliverable base-lining
c. Management reporting
d. None of the above
Ans: b

82. Software testing accounts to what percent of software development costs?
a. 10-20
b. 40-50
c. 70-80
d. 5-10
Ans: b

83. How much testing is enough
a. This question is impossible to answer
b. The answer depends on the risks for your industry, contract and special requirements
c. The answer depends on the maturity of your developers
d. The answer should be standardized for the software development industry
Ans: b

84. Which of the following is not a characteristic for Testability?
a. Operability
b. Observability
c. Simplicity
d. Robustness
Ans: d

85. Which of these can be successfully tested using Loop Testing methodology?
a. Simple Loops
b. Nested Loops
c. Concatenated Loops
d. All of the above
Ans: d

86. Inspections can find all the following except
a. Variables not defined in the code
b. Spelling and grammar faults in the documents
c. Requirements that have been omitted from the design documents
d. How much of the code has been covered
Ans: d

87. When a new testing tool is purchased, it should be used first by:
a. A small team to establish the best way to use the tool
b. everyone who may eventually have some use for the tool
c. The independent testing team
d. The vendor contractor to write the initial scripts
Ans: a

88. What is the purpose of test completion criteria in a test plan:
A. to know when a specific test has finished its execution
B. to ensure that the test case specification is complete
C. to set the criteria used in generating test inputs
D. to know when test planning is complete
E. to plan when to stop testing
Ans: E

89. Which of the following is NOT a black box technique:
A. Equivalence partitioning
B. State transition testing
D. Syntax testing
E. Boundary value analysis
Ans: C

90. The main focus of acceptance testing is:
A. finding faults in the system
B. ensuring that the system is acceptable to all users
C. testing the system with other systems
D. testing for a business perspective
E. testing by an independent test team
Ans: D

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