Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Most Recently Asked Load runner Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

21. Which section in a VuGen script is executed only one time, during Vuser initialization?
A. Login
B. Action
C. vuser_init
D. vuser_end
Ans: C

22. During which stage is it recommended that the visual cues for verification be established?
A. During the scripting stage
B. During the planning stage
C. During the recording stage
D. During the execution stage
Ans: B

23. Which function marks the beginning of a measurement of elapsed time?
A. lr_start_transaction
B. lr_begin_transaction
C. web_start_transaction
D. web_begin_transaction
Ans: A

24. You want to have each step in your script measured as a transaction in the Controller and not shown in the Replay Log in VuGen. How can you accomplish this?
A. Enable the automatic transaction in the Run-time settings
B. Manually add transactions to each step from the Tree view
C. Add a transaction to each page, using the transactions sub-task
D. Select the option from the Tools menu to add transaction to each step in the Script view
Ans: A

25. You want to send a message to the log file, Replay Log, and Controller Output window. Which function should you use?
A. lr_log_message
B. lr_error_message
C. lr_set_debug_level
D. lr_vuser_status_message
Ans: B

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