Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Load runner Online Quiz Questions And Answers

16. What is the programming term for a value that cannot be changed?
A. Variable
B. Select operator
C. Constant
D. Statement
Ans: C

17. Where should you add a web_reg_save_param function to a script?
A. In the global.h section
B. Before the step that contains the dynamic value
C. Before the step that retrieves the dynamic value
D. At the beginning of the action section that contains the dynamic value
Ans: C

18. You want to emulate a call center for an airline. All representatives login in the morning, perform their business processes, and log out at night. In one day, a representative will Create 40 flight reservations, Modify 10 flight reservations, and Sea 
A. Create - 67% Search - 16% Block0 - 17% Search Modify
B. Create - 57% Search - 29% Block0 - 14% Search Modify
C. Create - 57% Search - 29% Modify - 14%
D. Create - 67% Search - 16% Modify - 17%
Ans: A

19. Which function allows you to register a search for a text string for the next Action function?
A. web_reg_text
B. web_reg_find
C. web_reg_save_find
D. web_reg_save_param
Ans: B

20. You want to have your script always check for the following text on every page: "Sorry. Portlet is currently unavailable. Please try again later". What is the most efficient way to accomplish this?
A. Create a ContentCheck rule for the text
B. Add an Environment Check for the text
C. Add a text area checkpoint on every page
D. Add a verification checkpoint on every page
Ans: A

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