Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Load runner Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

11. What must you do before attempting to automatically correlate after recording?
A. Enable the Auto Correlation feature
B. Play back the script at least one time
C. Ensure the snapshots are visible in the Tree view
D. Add the web_auto_correlation function to the global.h section
Ans: B

12. For debugging purposes, you would like to show a browser during replay. Where do you enable this option?
A. General options
B. Playback options
C. Run-time settings
D. Recording options
Ans: A

13. When performing a manual correlation, where do you search for the dynamic value?
A. Script view
B. Recording Log
C. Tree view -> Client Request
D. Tree view -> Server Response
Ans: D

14. When do you need to add correlation to your script?
A. Prior to every test run
B. Any time you need to vary user input data
C. Any time there are multiple page loads in a script
D. Any time dynamic data returned from the server appears in the script
Ans:  D

15. What is the purpose of the atoi function?
A. Retrieves the length of a string
B. Concatenates two string values
C. Converts a string to an integer value
D. Converts an integer to a string value
Ans: C

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