Tuesday, 22 September 2015

60 Top Load runner Objective type Questions and Answers

6. Which function marks the ending of a measurement of elapsed time?
A. lr_end_transaction
B. web_end_transaction
C. lr_complete_transaction
D. web_complete_transaction
Ans: A

7. Which function allows you to capture dynamic values returned from the server?
A. web_reg_find
B. web_reg_save_find
C. web_reg_save_value
D. web_reg_save_param
Ans: D

8. What is the output of the following code snippet?
A. 7
B. 8
C. 9
D. 10
Ans: A

9. Which type of script is a higher level that records in Browser or Context Sensitive mode when using the web protocol in VuGen?
D. Winsock
Ans: B

10. You have created several new Auto Correlation rules. A new tester on your team is preparing to record a group of scripts on the same application on his workstation. What can you do to provide the tester with the correlation rules?
A. You do not need to do anything. Auto Correlation rules are global and are available to all testers using the same Controller machine
B. Under the File menu, you select Zip Operations, then export to a zip file. You have the new tester import the file into his script.
C. The Auto Correlation rules are saved in the script main folder. You create a share so the other tester has access to the script main folder
D. You export the Auto Correlation rules to a .cor file, and then have the new team member import the .cor file into his Auto Correlation rules
Ans:  D

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