Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Load runner Objective type Questions and Answers

1. What is the programming term for a series of statements grouped together to perform a specific task
A. Variable
B. Function
C. Select operator
D. Statement
Ans: B

2. You want to create a Microsoft Word document for your web (HTTP/HTML) script that provides a list of transactions, rendezvous, parameters and step descriptions. How can this be accomplished?
A. Create a Business Process Report in VuGen
B. Create a Microsoft Word Report from Analysis
C. Select the option to export .usr file to a Microsoft Word document
D. Copy the information in the .usr file, and paste it into a Microsoft Word document
Ans: A

3. Which operator is used for AND?
A. ||
B. --
C. &&
D. ++
Ans: C

4. What is the programming term for different values at different times?
A. Variable
B. Function
C. Select operator
D. Constant
Ans: A

5. What is the purpose of the strcat function?
A. Joins two strings
B. Compares two strings
C. Returns the length of a string
D. Copies one string to another string
Ans: A

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