Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Most recent asked Database Testing Interview Questions and Answers

26. What are the different types of Join conditions in SQL?
Inner join, Outer Join, Left outer join, Right outer join. And try to explain each of them if he gives time.

27. How can you retrieve unique rows from a table?
I can do that by using a DISTINCT keyword in my sql query. eg: select DISTINCT * from products where product_category = ‘Electronics’;

28. How do SQL queries will effect the performance of the application?
Yes, sql queries make a lot of impact on the whole performance of application. A poorly written sql query by a developer can take long time to generate a report or retrieve data from data base.  So, we need to take few precautions while writing queries, as a database tester I will also review the queries written by a developer. For example: get rid of nested sql queries as much as possible and make use of joins.

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