Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Freshers Load runner Objective type Questions and Answers

26. What is used as an end-to-end measurement of time elapsed when one or more steps in a business process have been completed?
A. Action
B. Function
C. Component
D. Transaction
Ans: D

27. Which web protocol recording level generates the web_submit_form function?
Ans: D

28. Which arithmetic operator is used to increment the value of a variable by one?
A. ||
B. --
C. &&
D. ++
Ans: D

29. One reason for parameterizing data in a script is to vary one value for an object when another object on the application changes. A common example is username and password. Varying the username requires you to change the password. What is this type of 
A. Data Caching
B. Date Constraint
C. Unique Constraint
D. Data Dependency
Ans: D

30. Where do you define an Auto Correlation rule?
A. Test settings
B. General options
C. Run-time settings
D. Recording options
Ans: D

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