Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Most recent asked QC(Quality control) Interview Questions and Answers

31. What are Summary Graphs?
Summary graphs show the accumulated value of specified data in the Quality Center project. Each testing phase has a summary graph User may select 2 fields for grouping- graph for each field, grouped by field.

32. Why use a filter?
Filters allow you to restrict the scope of data displayed in the graph, report or grid according to criteria that you specify.
When a filter is applied, only those records that meet the filter Conditions are displayed. Filters are available for Graphs, Reports and Grids.

33. When would you generate project documents using the standard Reports?
Feature and when would you use the Document Generator?
We use standard Reports
-to view quick reports,
-to filter/sort and customize the fields,
-and to save it to a Web page file (.htm)
We use Document Generator
-for high customization involving index, tables & attachments
-to save and edit in MS Word format (.doc)
-to choose between snapshot and Full report.

34. What icon indicates whether a test has steps?
A footprint next to the manual and automated icons indicates whether a test has steps.

35. What is a Test Set?
A Test Set is a group of tests selected from the database to achieve a Specific goal.

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