Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Frequently Asked QC(Quality control) Interview Questions and Answers

36. What is a Host Machine?
A host is a computer connected to a network, serving the project database, Which is able to execute automated tests.

37. What is a Scheduler?
The Scheduler is a QC feature that allows timed execution of automated tests. You can specify the date and time when a test will be run. This is useful for running large no. of tests unattended, such as overnight.

38. How does u open a Scheduler?
Goto-> Execution Flow tab. Right click a test to be scheduled and select "Test Run Schedule" from the pop-up menu.

39. Why use QC to track defects?
Maintains a centralized database Standardize defect reporting Prevent duplicate defects Attach supporting information easily Analyze defect data using reports and graphs.

40. How many types of tabs are there in Quality Centre. Explain?
There are four types of tabs are available
1. Requirement : To track the customer requirements
2. Testplan : To design the test cases and to store the test scripts
3. test lab : To execute the test cases and track the results.
4. Defect : To log a defect and to track the logged defects.

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