Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Job Interview QC(Quality control) Interview Questions and Answers

41. How to map the requirements with test cases in Quality Centre?
1. In requirements tab select coverage view
2. Select requirement by clicking on parent/child or grandchild
3. On right hand side(In coverage view window) another window will appear. It has two tabs
a) Tests coverage
b) Details
Test coverage tab will be selected by default or you click on it.
4. Click on select tests button a new window will appear on right hand side and you will see a list of all tests. You cans elect any test case you want to map with your requirements.

42. How to use Quality Centre in real time project?
Once completed the preparing of test cases
1. Export the test cases into Quality Centre( It will contained total 8 steps)
2. The test cases will be loaded in the test plan module
3. Once the execution is started. We move the test cases from test plan tab to the test lab module.
4. In test lab, we execute the test cases and put as pass or fail or incomplete. We generate the graph in the test lab for daily report and sent to the on site (where ever you want to deliver)
5. If we got any defects and raise the defects in the defect module. when raising the defects, attach the defects with the screen shot.

43. Difference between Web Inspect-QA Inspect?
QA Inspect finds and prioritizes security vulnerabilities in an entire web application or in specific usage scenarios during testing and presents detail information and remediation advise about each vulnerability.
Web Inspect ensures the security of your most critical information by identifying known and unknown vulnerabilities within the web application. With web Inspect, auditors, compliance officers and security experts can perform security assessments on a web enabled application. Web inspect enables users to perform security assessments for any web application or web service, including the industry leading application platforms.

44. How can we add requirements to test cases in Quality Centre?
Just you can use the option of add requirements.
Two kinds of requirements are available in TD.
1. Parent Requirement
2. Child requirements.

45. What are the phases of Quality Center process?
-Setting up the QC project
-Requirements Management
-Create Test Cases
-Run Tests and Analyze Results
-Report and Track Defects

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