Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Basic QC(Quality control) Interview Questions and Answers pdf free download

46. What are the features of Quality Center?
-Entirely browser based
-Project customization now a separate module
-Test requirements management
-Execution Flow tab
-"Drill Down" in graphs
-save graph, report and grid settings for reuse
-Attach screen snapshots to any object that accepts attachments
-Web Defect Manager functionality built into Defects tab

47. What is a Quality Center Project?
A QC project is a customizable repository for the testing effort. It contains tests, test sets, execution records, defect reports and other test documentation.

48. How many built-in tables does QC have? What are they?
There are 6 tables accessible to the user via QC's Customize Project interface.
They are as follows:
-Test Table
-Test Step Table
-Run Table
-Test Set Table
-Defect Table
-Requirement Table

49. What is a Table in QC project?
A table in QC project stores records of information about your test plan. It is part of a database.

50. How do you run reports from Quality Centre. 
This is how you do it
1. Open the Quality Centre project
2. Displays the requirements modules
3. Choose report
Analysis > reports > standard requirements report

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