Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Most recent asked QC(Quality control) Interview Questions and Answers

26. Can u use QC for automation?
Yes. QC integrates with WinRunner which is a testing tool that enables you to create and playback automated tests.

27. What are the 2 ways of adding automated tests?
-save a WR test to a Quality Center project.
-Convert a manual test to an automated one.

28. What is the importance of connecting a test case to test requirements?
-to see if all the requirements are covered.
-to map a test case associated with its requirements.

29. What are the types of graphs and reports in QC?
Progress graphs are available for all tables.
Summary graphs are available for all tables.
Test lab has additional graphs
  -cross test set progress
  -cross test set summary
Defects table also has Age graphs
  -standard reports
  -Document generator
  -full reports

30. What are Progress Graphs?
Progress Graphs display specified information over a period of time.
Each testing phase has a progress graph Requirements Phase -Data grouped by fields in the REQUIREMENT table.
Planning Phase     -Data from TEST table
Execution Phase    -Data from RUN table
Defects Phase      -Data from DEFECT table

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