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Latest QC(Quality control) Interview Questions and Answers

21. What are the Quality Center tabs?
There are four tabs: requirements, test plan, Test Lab, and defects.

22. How can Quality Center be used in real-time projects?
For real-time project, when the test cases are completed, they should be imported into Quality Center and loaded into a test plan.  When test execution begins, test cases are moved to Test Lab.  Test Lab executes the cases and assigns pass/fail/incomplete statuses.  Graphs can be generated and defects attached.

23. What is the difference between ‘Not run’ and ‘Not covered’ statuses?
The “Not Run” status indicates that the test cases associated with the requirements exist but have not been executed.   The “Not Covered” status indicates that the test cases associated with the requirements do not exist yet.

24. What is the difference between QA Inspect and Web Inspect?
The QA Inspect feature searched the full web application for vulnerabilities in security, prioritizes them, and provided detailed information and solution suggestions.  Web Inspect, on the other hand, is often used as a security assessment for vulnerabilities in security for critical data.  Web inspect is use the most by security experts and compliance auditors.

Normally the flow of quality center is like this: First you will encounter few errors/suggestions in your testing of the application. Now you will raise a defect for this error you found in quality center and assign that defect to a developer. The developer will then resolve the issue in his programming/coding and then will re assign to a tester. Now the tester will re test the application (Also called regression testing) and then if he is not seeing that error any more, then he will close the defect.

For creating a defect, you need to enter the title of the defect, summary of the defect, screen shots if available etc..

25. What is an automated test?
An automated test is a recorded script of user actions that is played back on an application to verify correct functionality.

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