Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Experienced QC(Quality control) Interview Questions and Answers

16. Can one defect be mapped to more than one test script?
A defect can be mapped to several different test scripts using the option called ‘associate defect.”

17. Do scripts have to be recorded in QTP or WinRunner before importing them into Quality Center?
No, scripts can be recorded directly to Quality Center by first specifying the URL, user ID, password, project, etc and connecting to Quality Center. The recording tool has to be opened when doing this. The script can be saved to Quality Center rather than the local machine.

18. How can you be sure that bugs are not duplicated?
The “Find Similar Defect” feature searches for defect duplication.

19. What information is in the test grid?
The test grid contains all tests that are related to a project as well as a toolbar with controls that are frequently used when creating and modifying the tests.  Filters used in the grid and test history are also displayed.

20. What views are available in TestDirector?
There are three views available in TD:
Plan Test –for preparation of test cases
Run Test – for test execution
Track Defects – for logging bugs

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