Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Freshers QC(Quality control) Interview Questions and Answers pdf

11. Can test data be stored in TestDirector?
Test data can be stored by attaching it to the matching test cases.  It can also be saved into a separate folder in test plan.

12. Will test data be lost if you choose to upgrade from TestDirector to QC?
If the instructions are followed, test data will not be lost when migrating from TestDirector to Quality Center.

13. How are test cases grouped?
The tested decides how to group test cases.  The tester has the option of creating several folders in the test plan to represent the test modules.  They also have the option of creating sub-modules from there.

14. How does Quality Center compare to Bugzilla?
Quality Center has much more functionality than Bugzilla.  Bugzilla is a defect logging and tracking tool while Quality Center is a test management tool. In addition to being able to track defects, Quality Center is capable of managing requirements and test cases for both manual and automated tests and much more.

15. What reports are available in Quality Center?
Some of the test reports that are available include those for requirements, test cases, defect tracking and more. They can be generated from any module and can also be customized using filters to include summaries, coverage, progress, and more. Customized report setting can be saved and reloaded for future testing.

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