Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Most recent asked Load runner Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

41. Which scenario type helps you plan for future growth and provides a safety factor with the application?
A.  Debug
B.  Full Load
C.  Top Time
D.  Scalability
Ans: C

42. What is an example of a stress test?
A.  Purchasing at an e-commerce site
B.  Updating orders on a client/server system
C.  Viewing upcoming flight itineraries on a flight reservation application
D.  Displaying the home page immediately after a marketing promotion has been run
Ans: D

43. What is the first indication of a performance problem?
A.  The network delay time is above 15ms.
B.  The DNS is not resolving the machine name.
C.  The Web server's available memory drops below 1 GB.
D.  The end user experiences higher than expected response time
Ans: D

44. You are meeting a new LoadRunner customer. The application under test is a call center application used by the customer representatives. The representatives are located in Phoenix, AZ and Columbus, OH. A large customer base resides in Flagstaff, AZ an
A.  Phoenix, AZ
B.  Flagstaff, AZ
C.  Cincinnati, OH
D.  Washington, DC
Ans: A

45. Which file defines the Vusers to execute, the number of Vusers to run, the goals of the test, the computer that hosts the Vusers, and the conditions under which to run the load test?
A.  Script
B.  Group
C.  Session
D.  Scenario
Ans: D

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