Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Latest Load runner Online Quiz Questions And Answers

36. Which LoadRunner component runs the vuser that generates the load?
A.  VuGen
B.  Analysis
C.  Controller
D.  Load Generator/host
Ans: D

37. You are running a 3-tier web application. With which component must the load generator(s) communicate?
A.  VuGen
B.  Analysis
C.  Controller
D.  Database server
Ans: C

38. Which statement is an example of a conceptual goal?
A.  The application’s update function should still work under heavy load
B.  The update transaction must attain 200 concurrent users during peak time
C.  The search transaction should respond within 5 seconds during normal usage
D.  The login transaction should respond within 4 seconds or less during heavy usage
Ans: A

39. Which term defines the end-to-end measurement of time when one or more steps are completed?
A.  Transaction.
B.  Action section
C.  Business Process
D.  Business Verification.
Ans:  A

40. During the analysis of a scenario, you realize that the hits per second become flat as Vusers continue to increase. What is likely to cause?
A.  A bandwidth problem
B.  A database server problem
C.  A web server connection problem
D.  An application server connection problem
Ans: C

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